Frequently Asked Questions


Your original mobile photos and videos are now verified, copyrighted, watermarked, and can have a paying audience with us!

We are the myScoop TEAM and this is our new social network, which aims to connect content-creators to content-buyers allowing for the accuracy of media reporting.

Creators (we call them "scoopers") are the independent activists, vloggers, journalists, or local eyewitnesses to hot stories happening around. Their mobile photos and videos can have a paying audience with us!

Buyers (we call them "publishers") are those who have a TV show, digital journal, online channel, etc., and looking to pay their sources for the content they are sending.

The unique features of myScoop are:

CAMERA TEMPLATES Fully featured camera templates to create videos, like Breaking News, Reports, Interviews, Shows, Reactions, Reviews, and much more! Just rotate your device to horizontal mode then swipe the screen to the left to pick a template. Don't miss to leave a creative touch in the editing step: Add Drawings, Stickers, Background Music, Overlay Texts, and Hyperlinks.

COPYRIGHTS All captured content by myScoop camera is automatically GPS verified per time and location, and watermarked to maintain users' copyrights. The app doesn’t allow uploads from gallery.

SELL ROYALTY-FREE LICENSE Scoopers can sell royalty-free license of their well-hunted scoops in public or as exclusives. Before you click POST, switch on the pricing button and set a price. You will be paid for every download. Make sure you setup a valid cash-out method.

LOCATION-BASED CAMERA MISSIONS You can hire another user to send you exclusive content from their locations by sending them a private mission. Featured media organizations can post public missions to grab content from all scoopers worldwide.

SOCIAL PLATFORM - Create your own portfolio and pin your top scoops. - Follow other scoopers and watch their scoops in your timeline. - Stay in touch with friends and chat with them. - Discover new scoops in the explore categories, discussions, and hashtags. - Check the alerts for scoops sales and interactions, private missions, and more.

Could it be better for Citizen Journalists and Vloggers?

AND IT IS 100% FREE!!!

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"Your Story Matters. Vlog It."

You only need: Smart phone + internet connection + free account on myScoop.

Publishers are myScoop users who can publish camera missions on myScoop maps, either public missions for all scoopers in a certain location, or private mission for a certain scooper.

In order to upgrade to "Publisher Account" you will need to fill and submit the application form by clicking the add icon [+] at the top right corner of "missions" screen. We will review your application and get back to you in this as soon as we can.

Publishers can be a media agency, TV channel, digital journal, online show, professional individuals, etc., and looking to pay their onsite sources for the camera shots they are sending to them, especially in places where traditional media setups can not present or too slow to reach.

Using myScoop missions they can hire mobile camera freelancers, anytime, anywhere, for their exclusive benefit.

Creating a mission on myScoop is simple and straight forward. First you click the add icon [+] in missions screen then the app will ask you consecutive questions: What location are you interested in? For how long? How much are you willing to pay the scoopers for each purchase? Do you have any shooting specifications? Then your mission is ready to be published, either for a specific scooper as a private mission, or for all scoopers in a specific location as a public mission.

Once published, concerned scoopers will receive a push notification and start to see your mission on maps and lists. Scoopers have the choice to accept your mission or ignore it. It all depends on how you present your mission.

On real time basis you will monitor how many scoopers have accepted your mission. After accepting your mission, scooper will start to capture photos and videos in the location you have specified and send them to you, exclusively. You will check the sent scoops in your myScoop inbox and decide what to purchase.

Isn't it cool?

The steps are as follows:

1- Login to myScoop app with an active account.
2- Navigate to (Missions) screen by clicking the location icon in menu bar. You will see the available missions in (Maps) and (List) tabs.
3- Private missions, which are sent only for you, will be labeled by "FOR YOU" and pinned to top in the list view, and highlighted in red in maps view.
4- You can sort the missions per: Distance to you, Price of scoop, and Expiring time.
5- In order to scoop to a mission you need first to accept it. Once accepted, the mission will be shown in the (Accepted) tab in missions screen.
6- Now you can select any mission you have accepted and scoop to it by clicking the (Scoop to it) button placed on mission's header. You can also discuss missions' details with the publisher by clicking the (Chat) button. In case you feel you need to cancel this mission you can click the (Tick) and choose to decline the mission.
7- Another way to scoop to a mission is to start the path from camera. Launch myScoop camera and create a scoop as usual. Next will be the editing step then you will you reach the (Post) screen. Select the (Exclusive) tab, you will see all your missions listed under (Send to a mission you accepted). Once you select a mission from the list, the price of your scoop will be auto fixed to the amount set by the publisher.
8- Click the (SEND) button to send your scoop exclusively to the publisher who will receive it immediately in his inbox. It is the publisher's choice to purchase your scoop or ignore it. You will be paid only in case of a purchase.

You may accept unlimited number of missions, however, we only count the missions in which you managed to sell, at least one scoop.

We provide free innovative designs to create professional videos, as seen on TV and YouTube, without any technical skills nor a third party app needed. You will simply rotate your device into the landscape mode and swipe the screen to choose a preferred template to scoop.

The right of reply on myScoop means the right to defend yourself against public criticism in the same venue where it was published on myScoop. This allows any individual or legal body who has been named or designated in any media on myScoop to publish their version of the facts. They only need to register a free account on myScoop, in case they are not yet existing users, and reply to the scoop.

Allowing myScoop to detect your location verifies your footage as a trustworthy content, as per date-time-place. This is also mandatory to send you freelance camera missions based on your location.

However, users can still prevent myScoop to detect their locations from device settings. In such cases, myScoop will show "Unverified Location" on their captured footage, and they may not be able to find the nearby available missions.

An exclusive scoop is the media (photo or video) you captured by myScoop and sent exclusively to another myScoop user. Only the receiver user can view it.

Don't worry, we are still watermarking your scoop to keep your rights preserved. We only remove the watermark when the receiver user purchases your exclusive scoop. At that time only, we make it downloadable for the purchaser. Not only downloadable, but also the purchaser can choose to post this exclusive scoop to his public myScoop profile by his own username with a new price to resell it. That means, once a purchase of an exclusive scoop is made, we transfer the ownership and copyrights of this scoop from seller to purchaser.

No, you can not, because myScoop only uses the default camera of your device to allow capturing media (photos & videos) after asking permission to detect your location for instant verification. However, users can still upload photos & videos, as non-full-screen overlay media, in some templates, such as “Show" & "Compare”.

Yes. You can use the album feature and capture up to 5 photos.

All your published content on myScoop is watermarked by default with your @username, Scoop ID, and myScoop logo. Watermark is only removed when your scoop is purchased and allowed to be downloadable to purchaser.

To sell your content on myScoop, you need to install myScoop app, create a scooper account (default), turn on the pricing option in Post screen, and define your CashOut methods. No fees are applicable for installation and registration. It is totally FREE. Moreover, we stand by our scoopers, we do not take commissions on their sales.

How you price your content to sell on myScoop is totally up to you, however you should consider that you will not be paid out 100% of the price you set for your scoop. Even though we do not take commissions on your sales, but still we need to deduct the fees of money transfer to you through 3rd party service (e.g: PayPal takes for instant Cashouts up to 2.5% of the Cashout amount, with a minimum fee of 30 Cent and other charges if applicable (e.g: Currency exchange rate, Taxes in your state, etc...).

We use PayPal ( to transfer money to scoopers. Your country has to be supported by PayPal. Please be aware that the time needed to receive your money is processed and managed by PayPal side, not myScoop.

Your revenues will be automatically posted on your myScoop business account in the Earnings tab. Upon your CashOut request we will release your balance to your CashOut account which you will need to define.

When selling a scoop, you are allowing myScoop to transfer copyrights of the sold scoop to the purchaser being the new owner. Purchasers will have open license to use the purchased scoop in any geographic territory, in any medium or format, for any purpose, for unlimited number of times, and with no expiry date on their rights to use the purchased scoop. Purchasers can download the purchased scoop to their devices &/or post it to their own public profiles.

Purchasers are NOT allowed to resell the scoops they purchase on myScoop outside our platform. However, in cases when they purchase an exclusive scoop, they can still resell it on myScoop by reposting it to their public profile with a new price.

Since you have selected the pricing option to be ON while posting a scoop, all your scoops either published in public or sent as exclusives to other users, will be for sale. Sales of your scoops are then unlimited, as long as your myScoop account is valid. However, you may turn OFF the pricing option in case you don't want to sell your scoop.

Everyone on myScoop can buy your scoops. Buyers can be individuals, decision-makers in governments, communication or marketing agencies, media channels, companies and brands. We don't control the nature of buyers, nor we can know for what purposes they are buying your scoop.

There are two ways to sell your scoop:

1- Post your scoop in public and earn money for every download. You can price a public scoop up to $250.

2- Send your scoop as an exclusive to other users and earn money when they purchase it. You can price an exclusive scoop up to $1000.

Even though we release your earnings immediately upon your CashOut request, but still the time needed to receive your final amount of money is not controlled by myScoop. It depends on the third party company you have chosen to be your CashOut solution (e.g: PayPal.).

Once you click the download icon below the scoop you will see the price stated on the purchase button. However, you should consider that you will need to pay more than the price you see. When you click the purchase button, the app will show in the next screen the total you need to pay. The total includes myScoop commission and 3rd party fees (e.g.: PayPal). Your purchases will be automatically posted in your myScoop account in the Payments tab.

The myScoop commission is 15%. Basically, the purchase of scoops is undertaken via PayPal who automatically take out their own transaction fees (up to 4% + 0.3 USD). Learn more on:

When you purchase a scoop, the scoop owner receives the money, and myScoop allows the scoop to be downloadable in its original size and resolution and without a watermark. At the time of purchase, a digital receipt is emitted for both purchaser and seller.

Upon successful payment, when purchasing a scoop, purchasers will have open license to use the purchased scoop in any geographic territory, in any medium or format, for any purpose, for unlimited number of times, and with no expiry date on their rights to use the purchased scoop.

Purchasers can download the purchased scoop to their devices &/or post it to their own public profiles.

Purchasers are NOT allowed to resell the scoops they purchased on myScoop outside our platform. However, in cases when they purchase an exclusive scoop, they can still resell it on myScoop by reposting it to their public profile by their usernames and with a new price.

We are working really hard to expand our payments solutions. If you should have any suggestions, please write to us at We love to hear from you.

Sellers must respect their fiscal duties in their country of residence.

The email you receive after each purchase serves as a purchase invoice.

Once the purchase is made, no refund can be made. Please contact us at for any incidents or queries.

Important Note: Upon successful purchase of an exclusive scoop you can post this purchased scoop to your public profile on myScoop. However, we reserve the right to remove this scoop from your profile, at any time and without prior notice, once we determine in our sold discretion to be in violation of our Terms. When in doubt, don’t post this scoop because you will not be refunded for the removed scoops.